Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Make money with Yroo

This site,pay's you to promote there stuff.
You make 1000 points, for every signup you bring in.
10.000 point = $8.00
20.000 point = $18.00
40.000 point = $38.00
80.000 point = $78.00
160.000 point = $158.00
320.000 point = $318.00

They say it's only for people from US and Canada, but for my referrals
i give them a way to earn from any country.
I'm from the Nigeria and i made money already.
Location doesn't matter, applies to all

So if you join me, i give me the method to earn from different country.

reff: https://yroo.com/
leave me a message, with your signup name and email, so i can send you the info.