Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Get Money with url shortener

so here I am going to explain you how to earn some money with an url shortener,
first you need to signup here:

pay for all countries $1.50 per 1k traffic, AND people dont need to
wait 5 seconds, they can get redirected instantly with a like.

1. Short
some urls from ebay auctions with mobile phones, you should also try to
join the ebay affiliate program, to get some % from the auction price.

2. Now join local second hand groups on facebook, search for "Buy and Sell [Town Name]"
or "[Town Name] Marketplace".

3. Post
in this groups something like "Iphone 6 for $450 including original
packaging", and include your short link from Eywow. The prices should be
cheap, but realistic so people will click on the links and think its a real offer.

4. Repeat
this with every other social website or classifieds site you know, I am
earning about $45 with this method per day, and I am posting to 50
Facebook groups, only once per day so I am not looking spammy.

Payment Proof: